Thursday, September 15, 2016

work - cover by Aiiness & Nicko

Friday, April 22, 2016

Mad Potion

Dress up in purple because today is the day!
Launching mad potion by Katy Perry !!
Scroll down for more ↡

This justice winter jacket.
I want to tell u about this u all know right? Justice is actually a brand for kids.
Hahahah but I really love their collection and i usually buy some things that still fit for me.
Accessories, 14 years's outfit.
Oh i just love that brand, they have so many cute stuffs.

This mad potion by Katy Perry came in such a qt shape!

This is me and Jean Milka pretended to be Katy Perry, lol.
Yea actually it was a lip sync competition.
And i got the 1st place! How lucky.


justice winter jacket
rihanna for river island black faux fur rucksack
forever 21 lakers dress
H&M boots

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rockin dotty

So this is the first time I go to Wraps & Rolls, PIK.
I knew it from Putri couple weeks ago n I really love their super unique n colourful theme.
I went here n match my outfit with their colour.

This place is really fun!
And that ice cream I eat above is super delicious, it comes with the bread n also cornflakes.
I also love the food!
They have rice menu, I tried 2 of their menus n i totally luv both ♥︎

This would be my fav place for taking photos I guess.

umino uno pug cap
bershka white t-shirt
loony store polkadot suspender skirt
kipling ichiwa breezy pink
new balance 996 mid polka dot

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Monday, March 28, 2016


Yashh, this is so random. But real.
Allen came to my house with Melissa, and ask me for some, random photoshoot in my house!
So here are the results, don't expect much but I think the results are pretty satisfying tho.
He had himself experimenting with a mineral water and flashlight, lol.
Thats why u can see the flare so on point (scroll down)

This one above, look, on the right side, thats what he bottle and the flash produce.

Don't forget to leave comment becuz I'm so open with that :D
See u on the next post, stay tune!


H&M fur jacket
devilish body garter
forever 21 bra

@poshstreet mickey hat

topshop denim jacket | stripes bodysuit

Sunday, March 20, 2016


So, this Sunday, me and the gank went to the farmhouse, Lambing, Bandung.
Since I heard this place is the famous one nowadays.
I got curious then finally decided to visit this place.
When u arrive, u'll get a cup of milk.
The one I drink on the photo below. It tastes good!

This one inspired by the one in the Paris I guess. Hahaha.
Still! Have to try it cuz I never been in Paris!!
Can u spot my name???????? *_*

U can feed the sheep, there are rabbits as well!

After that we went to De' Ranch!

Look! Im touching it! Im touching the horse!!!!! *getexcited

We didn't take the photo gank.
We did selfie but I'm not putting it here ..
So guys curious enough to visit these places ???? ;D

levi's overall
H&M studio shoes