Saturday, February 13, 2016


So today my boyfriend is performing an acoustic session with his friends at an eating place called food fighter. But beforehand, i took his free time to take pictures of me around bintaro where he and his friends rendezvous. I couldn't think of any other places here so i decided to take it under a railway bridge. Theres like graffiti through out the tunnel so i thought it would be cool to take shots here.
Today I'm wearing something which the colours will suit the place i mentioned.
The theme is like old school arcade games.
You'll get what i mean once you scroll down.

Talking about my outfit, I'm rocking these primary colours 

Rocking these blue red yellow all around.
Unless your colour blind, no offence. ;p

This is my bf's friend's place, theres this old building beside it.
Seemed like an abandoned place and seems interesting.
Enjoy these shots :)

Bonus pic : who doesn't love cotton candy. yumm..

topshop turtle neck top
H&M x Alexander Wang ellen bustier
spotlight colorblock denim set
aldo kosmo sneakers

Saturday, January 23, 2016


I had a performance with my bf today at carousel treasure market.
The photo was taken after we done it.
These pictures was taken at a parking lot around the mall where we performed.

My outfit for today is combination of yellow and red.
And rocking this cocraparis emoji set.
U know these emoji print is so up right now? Since so many people type and express themselves with these super cute n various kind of emoticons. But this kinda oldskool since im wearing these bbm version of emojis. Who's still using blackberry?
Im one of those hipster people who also luvs emoji anyway.

As you all know that i am a big fan of jeremy scott's work. 
That is why i bought these shoes. 
I was stoked when i saw it at a store here. I've been stalking this pairs since forever.
I immediately bought it with no hesitation and it made me feel very happy.

And this swatch watch from mom.
My mom loves something simple but yet stylish.
This is what i got.
I can see the engine so clearly, so as u.

cocraparis emoji set
stradivarius it bag
swatch watch
adidas x jeremy scott high heel in light scarlet white 
topshop crop tee

Friday, December 11, 2015


First day of bali. 
It felt so great to be in bali. 
Just can't wait to start whatever it is me and my bf are about to do.
But first things first, photo of the view of the hotel that we're staying. 
Does this reminds you of the girl from tomb raider?

damage logo harness

More photos of me in the hotel.
We were testing an external flash i just bought also.

Strolling around beach walk.
Then we went shopping in seminyak in the evening.

topshop mint crop top
H&M kitty headwear | denim ripped studs shorts
jeffrey campbell mayview sandals

We didn't go anyway during the day.
But we went out at night to a place called deus machina in canggu.

claire's choker

Today me and my bf were about to do some water sports.
Actually we only did one.
It was like skating at mid air.
It uses the thrusters from the jet ski to push water to the board in order for it to float above the water.
The board was pretty heavy, the board pulled me down deep into the water.
It scared the shit out of me.!!
I had to get help from the guy to get me up. This guy is a pro.
He manages to get us up to the highest peak. but still I had fun tho.

Everything about this hotel is quite interesting.
They have this very shallow pool around the main one to put their lounge-like chairs in for people to sunbathe.

Quirky looking shower.
U don't see this everyday.
Looking towards it feels like being sucked in.

ray-ban sunglasses
slam69 swimsuit

Tonight is a night out to seek what clubs bali has to offer around legian street.
We went out with a friend of mine from Jakarta who moved to bali for work, Tiffany.


I finally get to sun bathe. we found a quiet place at balangan beach.
It was very peaceful.
I'll be sure to come back here the next time I'm in Bali

Okay then, this is goodbye for now bali.
Oh yeah, i had a few drinks to shut my eyes during the whole flight.
Be seeing ya soon. mwax! **

one tea spoon overall