Monday, April 2, 2012

tosca ethnic

Today I wanna play with tosca :))
So, I took my tosca shirt n then try to combine it.
But finally I borrow some of my sister's items. 
Maybe next time I should go buy it.
Anyway I went to Kota Tua to accompany my boyfriend while had a job (dance for serial tv film)

Detail :
Shirt from TONIK, La Piazza
Bag is my sister's items
Pant is my sister's item from Wholesale Dress
Sandals from PIM
Neckale from MKG1

 Here's the place, just wanna show you the location.

And they are the narcis crew, haha!
They want me to take a picture of them. Well I know it's just a joke.
No problem if I post this pictures on my blog, guys?? :p
Keep exist XD

That's my boy with a cat in Museum Fatahillah that used for the dancers tp take a rest.
I gave him a dori mayonaise from Red Bean.
Hahaha there's a cat and then Batam's gave a pieces of dori fish for them.
How cute!

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