Tuesday, June 5, 2012


VANILLA was dead ..
First time I bought her @ citos with ma friend n mom.
I saw her between a lot of her friends n she was truly different.
I saw it by her skin n her behaviour. She never give up to escape from where she was.
I was begging to my mom I want her, I really want her.
First time my mom didn't want her cuz she thinks that it was too big.
But when I wanna go home, my mom suddenly want to go back for buy it.
I was soooo happy.
N at night when I was starring at her with my little smile, my mom told me "I want to return her."
Suddenly I cried n keep starring at her n her pink nose.
But at the next day my mom change her mind. 
N day by day she started to loving Vanilla.
Now Vanilla have a big cage n she absolutely happy ^^

 Lately, I felt Vanilla is getting older :(
Initially she was so strong, she can escape from her cage easily by climbing, pushing, anything.
And she likes to place the food into her bed by insert it to her cheek until its full.
And she never touch or bite me with her teeth. She just like to lick my finger.
I love to see her little pink tongue, it's cute -'.'-
I like to put her and her cage into my room n she her all night long until I slept.

Today, I went to mall with my friend.
When I purchase my stuffs, there is an incoming call.
It's from my mom. N slowly she said, "Vanilla was dead".
I can't believe it, I told her that u're lying to me". N I tried to realized that is true
Ok last day I bring her n let her out of her cage. :(
She was so happy that time even if i can see her not as strong as before.
Ok I go home n found her like what I show u before.
That's all.
Bye chubby face :(

This is her video that has long existed on facebook

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