Monday, July 30, 2012

first night!

First nite in Bali we go to Kuta haha n take a walk

Me n my sister. Both of us using long dress huh? But actually she using a long pant u know!

I was eating sushi at Skygarden All you can eat guys!! N free drink :p


my sandals from zara, Grand Indonesia. They are on sale!

first time i go to Bali !

 This is the first time I go to Bali.
With my friends n my boyfriend, n I startit with my polkadot n a lil flower in the buttom with my fav color, pink! hahaha check it out.

 I made it 1 day before I go to Bali at Nail Pia, Mall Ciputra. Seriously love it n u have to see my nail on my feet. But it will be on my next post.

After arrived, the driver take us to our hotel, Gosyen Hotel, Legian.
N I started to take a picture in front of my room.