Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Funky Safari

 Today we go to Taman Safari, Bali. This post is about animal :p
I'll show u about my activities in this place.
Check it out guys!

Me n my bali pose :p 

Egg painting, they are cool. Im just thinking to buy it one. :/

Beo Bird! Hmm it can say "hello" n people talk to it.

Luckily I can take a pic like this, hahah funny orangutan.

3 big tigers are chill out on their cottage :D

Camels, how cute when they are sleeping. Anyway I wish I can ride it someday at wilderness.

This is my favorite animal hihi. I love their small head they looks like a grandpa.

Hedgehogs are sleeping, don't disturb before u have a hole on your body :O

Camel again, but it at a Riding Camel corner. Pay attention on it's mouth, especially it lips.
HAHAHHAHA I can't stop looking at it.

Meerkat. I have a lot of their pics. They have a cute attitude. Love to see em.

Small and cute haaahaha

Me n baby lion. Have u realized different smile on my face? It's because of her! >.<

Im just imagining romeo n juliet ...

Now, the Real Romeo 'n Juliette :p

block sunglasses from Jogja
big shockin pink circle earrings from DIVA, Central Park Mall
bracelet from The Loft, fashion hub, MKG3
braid neckale from alun-alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia
denim jumpsuit & braid belt from forever 21, Grand Indonesia
pink stabilo bralette from le.ma.ri, FX
bag from surfer girl, Discovery, Kuta, Bali
sandals from ZARA, Grand Indonesia


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  2. it looks so very much fun love your outfit! love how the pinks work together!
    and this place is so very much fun! I evny a little!

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