Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello Starfish! :)

Now i'll start to play at the beach, come on play with the fresh water!!

Yeah this is Padang-Padang Beach, i'll show u a beautiful view aite?

Chill out on the sand with my fellas from my primary school, Geby.

Guess what is that on my hand??

Looks like I really enjoy looking at it.

 The answer is, BABY STARFISH <3 p="p">
My bf found that and suddenly put that cute shape on my hand, and I started looking at it, especially on how it can walk really slowly on my hand.

Hmm different tune huh? I tried to use a classic tune. 
Which one is better? :/

 Am I looks like tuyul in this pic?? hahaha.

Kissing on the sunset, really great moment :*

Now it's to go to pick em up Devi, Grace, n Riani to Dreamland, so we clean up our body in the beach.

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