Thursday, August 2, 2012

Long trip!

Today we have a long trip! So this will be a long post also :p
Lets take a look!

At first, we're sooo sleepy *yawn

Now we arrived at Benoa Beach n directly took a pics

As what I said in the post before, I show you my feet's nail. Floral also. It was done by Nail Pia, Ciputra Mall. Is it good you think ?


Im at the boat to turtle island !! And when we're on the way, we can feed the fish in the middle of the ocean, with the piece of bread. And we can see under the ocean cause there's a transparant mirror in the floor of the boat that allow us to see a view under the boat.

Now I arrived at Turtle Island!

Look at this turtle, I can't stop holding it, that's my favorite animal ever, how cute !

And this is the baby and we didn't allowed to touch em. They are too weak.

Me, holding the other turtle on the turtle pool haha.

It's not only turtle's there. Now I was taking a pic with a bat. Let's explore more animal here.

HAHA Chicken with the pink feather?? I was shocked that my friends told me, they are my twin. 
Because I have a pink n blonde hair of course.

Eagle! It's scary. My friends took a pic with it but their faces change into a face tension, lol

Both of us were sleeping, Mr and Mrs bat.

Not forget to took a pic with the white one ;)

After we go back to Benoa Island, we was talking each other in the little corner and I saw it sleeping under my chair.

After that we go to Nusa Dua beach. But sadly the boys dont wanna come out of the car so it will not be a long time in that beautiful beach.

After that we go to Padang-Padang Beach, now we will seriously  playing on that beach.
And when we arrived, there are too loud, a lots of people sunbathing there.
I come down n start to put my naked feet in the water. My BF acompany me. But Devi, Riani, n Grace didn't want to stay there so they go to Dreamland near to my place.

Yeah it was long n it's not done here, see you in the next post ;;)

hat, inner bra, purple shortpant from FOREVER21, Grand Indonesia
crop shirt from GAUDI
sandals from Nail Pia, Ciputra Mall

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