Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pink floral bedroom

When I go to Bali, my mom remodel my room. She cange everything. And let's see my new room.
All about pink 'n floral. Yea pink is my favorite color.
I love it !

Let's start with the door. Before u can see the white door of my room, u should sliding the floral curtain first. Can u see the floral curtain on the right side. And from here u can see my bed.

Come in. Sssshh, Plinky is sleeping with my lil bolster. Her name is Unyil. :p

 Uh oh! :O We wake her up !

She roars because we wake her up.. Im so sorry Plinky :((

Here is the hanger were I can put my cloths or anything.

It's my bed. Lovely thing I need everyday hahaha. It's my stripes bed cover. But if u come to my room right now, u can find floral bed cover. My mom change it yesterday :p 
Now everything just floral hihi

 It's my floral lil mat. U can clean ur feet before come into my room :)
Keep it clean, hihihi

lace pink trash can. 

my slipper, but it's not about flower :( There are lil angel on that slipper

tick tock on my room, yeay it's the sound of the floral clock on my wall

 Hahaha the chandelier is floral also. Plus 4 lil lamp on every side of this chandelier.
Sooo bright when I need lighters.

 Make up side. All I need to make myself pretty is here.

Here is my shower head, floral also. But I never wear that actually :p
I always wash my hair everytime I take a bath!
Ok, that's it. What are you guys thinking about my room?? 
Anyway thanks for momma who change everything :D

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