Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stars on me

Today, I want to make my third tattoo, also extension my second tattoo on my hand.
I went to Anomali Tattoo with my boyfriend.


 For Indonesian, u can get this ring from, FX.
I have 2 colors : white, electric green.
Pssst, I have the earrings also ;)

Hahaha when I should starting tattoo-ing, I felt so hungry then my boyfriend bought me a meatball with noodle. And I ate that super delicious things very fast :D

Yeahh n this is the rsult of my new tattoo!! My third tattoo :D
I love it a lot seriously. With that colorful stars!
N sorry for the bad pic above, I took that pic with my phone camera, bad quality of course...

beanie hat, LEVI's denim carpenter bib overalls, & floral ankle boots from eBay
cirlce eyeglasses from utopia, skywalk pondok indah mall
basic tanktop & cross ring from, FX
neckale from alun-alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia
backpack from insight


  1. your outfit looks so cute *_*

  2. Lovely blog! I followed, follow back?