Sunday, September 2, 2012

Funky army

After I woke up, I go to Central Park Mall to coloring my hair again. I totaly boring with this.
Maybe u guys will see my new hair on my next post. It's done by Yuta (One Piece Hair Studio).
After that, I have my routine dance practicing with IDP n then have a GR with Lookbook Jakarta at Kuningan city for UI Fashion Week tommorow.
Come if u can, it would be great ;D
They are sooo so fun!

loose crop acymetric top from, FX
NY cap from fashion hub, MKG3
army pant from divisi1, mall ciputra
knight boots from eBay
backpack from bugis street, Singapore


  1. Hi! Thanks 4 your comment. I was following u already! follow me now then, if u like. See u son

  2. i really love your style! saw you on lookbook jakarta fashion show bytheway. you look RAD!!