Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday funday!

Yeah sunday n it would be my fun day with my friends from east :p
Yeah having fun with em. I miss practice with em again :'(

i love my new pink stuff seriously ! yeah pink transparant sunglasses from chicnova. u can get it here.

me n L! yeah Mario took a lot of picture of us :D
anyway that time is after L bleached his hair but it's still too yellow haha.
n at nite finally he bleach his hair again.

sunday funday sweater from forever 21, grand Indonesia
short pant from cache-cache, pondok indah mall 2
stripes colorful socks from socks gallery mall taman anggrek
sneakers from league, pondok indah mall 2
floral backpack from bugis street
transparant sunglasses from chicnova
quartz handwatch from my momma


  1. cute sweater! <33
    how tall are you and what size did you buy it in?
    i love the slouchy look! <3333

  2. so how tall are you and what size did you buy it in?

    1. im about 165cm n the top is M n that shorts is S :)

  3. May I know where's exactly you found that floral bagpack? What's store or level? I'm looking for it o.o

    1. hello! thx for asking :D Hmm I bought it from bugis street n it's unbranded. not sold in stores. But I fpund that same bag on eBay :D
      I think you can buy it from that site!