Sunday, October 28, 2012

American Apparel x Halloween Contest

So, it began from last saturday.
I have a halloween photosession with my daddy n my luvly sister at kota tua! :D
Me, as a werewolf, n my sister as a gypsi girl.
Check it out, hope it will inspiring you all!


The story is about a werewolve managed to escape.
The way she wore that padlock neckale n shoelace on her hair looks like she have tied.
After arrived , she was listen to their conversation and just realized what happened to her. She have fooled!!
She was angry and will destroy everything !! U better get run !!!

Detail :
batwing crop top - traffic, ex
hotpant - far east plaza, Singapore
fur coat -, fx
shoelace - naughty, mall taman anggrek
stretch knit gloves with claws - etsy
boots - new look, central park mall
 eyelashes - elise, from my sister
tartan scarves - gift from my mom

Big thanks to my daddy who had come far a way from Bandung to Jakarta just to take our pictures

Anyway, after the photosession is over, me n my sister go to Negef, to have a little halloween dinner with my friends. N really we have a lot of fun that time! N I laughed a LOT!! XD Till I shed my tears :'D
Here we are ~
Left - right :
Pauline Christianti- Bunga Deviani- Clara Tania - Me! - Gabriella Olivia - Anastasia Melisa Halim

Me & Clara, a girl who have a very good sense of humor since she can made me laugh crazily hahaha
After me n my sister have a very quality time with em, we go to prive to partying yeaahh n gege is also come with us.

as you see on the pic above, me n my sister successfully made him as a clown! HAHAHA
he wore my stripe jumpsuit, my circle eyewear, bowtie n also my bowler hat!

very very weird boyfriend I ever have hahaaa.
he said, "I wear a bad costume. So I will destroy the party". And guess what ?
he did it! yea he was dancing crazily on that stage, dance with a stranger that wore a LMFAO costume till everybody followed their move, n then he exchange his bowler with the stranger's wig.
Me n my sister just watch em n LOL!! Hahaha okay I laughed a lot that day :D
Here's the pic of em dancin together:

 Very very funny moment. I still can laugh when I remember this ;D
Ok long post that I published ayt.
Hope u guys enjoy it!
 At last I wanna say for u all who read this halloween post by aiiness :

HAPPY HALLOWEEN ~ !!!!!! ^_^

Saturday, October 27, 2012


A mozaic may be hard to pieace together, but this look couldn't be easier.
I choose a point collar colorful bandeau vest n hot pink shorts with a stunning yellow cap.
To keep the look hang out night appropriate, I added black stocking and a polka dot sling bag.

hyperjive cap - PRJ
point collar colorful bandeau vest - romwe
square earring - ITC mangga dua
shorts - cache-cache, PIM 2
iphone 4 knuckles case - eBay
bracelet - the loft, fashion hub, MKG 3
sling bag, belong to my sister, ITC mangga dua

Friday, October 26, 2012

Too rebel

Rebel style!!
It shows almost all of my tattoos with this style :P
And luv my new beanie hat from topman! Is it good if I wearing a man's stuff ??

my monkey man as a today photographer!! =D~

me n kak welkis, he's a good popper n locker ever!! U can find him on youtube. Search : Ricky Welkis

detail :
winter beanie hat - topman, grand indonesia
front zipper crop tank - topshop
tartan outerwear & shorts - gaudi, mall taman anggrek
backpack - kipling
skull triangle earings - citywalk sudirman
bracelet - the loft, fashion hub, mall kelapa gading 3