Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little time

Today I go to Bekasi, my grandparent's house! I miss em so much!! :((
Yeah I met my huge families ({})
Hiihihi my daddy, auntie, cousins, im so happy!!!
n after that I go to karawang n met Gege there! He becoming a jury for a dance competition at karawang central plaza. I remember that time when we ate cakwe with a rush cause he have to go back to the stage, lol
what a very pleasant day! :D

polkadot collar & long tanktop from gaudi
plain white shirt from zara
stripes sling bag from my luvly sister (birthday present)
neon cross earrings from le.ma.ri, FX
long socks from socks gallery
flat sneakers at bandung

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