Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So greedy ~

This photoshoot inspire by a gardcorp from Early & High Gothic (ca. 1150- 1325)
Look at my hand that came out from the lil hole over there!
What a weird sleeve hole right! Yeah it looks like a gardcorp.
And with that cake legging, cames the concept of the greedy one, hohoho ~

Cake leggings from mata-mata, itc mangga dua.

Wedges from TLTSN (The Little Things She Needs), Senayan City

That bow I bought at Tiffany's room, Mall Ciputra but a looong long time a go.

edited by Endjie the cutest photographer :P

That pic above was taken before I went to LaSalle for this photoshoot by my iphone.
So the result was not good enough :/

bow - tiffany's room, mall ciputra
se.. things long cape - alun-alun indonesia, grand indonesia
cake legging - mata- mata, itc mangga dua
wedges - the little things she needs, senayan city


This photosession for my assignment. 
So it's inspire by Kaunakes from Mesopotamia.
The kaunakes, from Greek "thick cloak", was a woolen skirt or cloak woven in a tufted pattern suggesting overlapping petals or feathers, either by sewing tufts onto the garment or by weaving loops into the fabric. This clothing originated in Sumerian civilization around 2500 BCE, and is frequently found in Bactria excavations, such as the female statuettes, commonly known as the "Bactrian princesses". (Wikipedia)
Here I am wearing that modern kaunakes! :P

pointed flat from TLTSN :)

turban from TONIC!

 turban - tonic, la piazza
neckale, bracelet, dress - old collection
pointed flat shoes - TLTSN


I have a photoshoot today for my fashion phenomena assignment with Endjie at LaSalle
N this is my outfit today! Cupcake ~ hihihi ..

neff cupcake beanie confetti from eBay 
just search for it !

colorful skull bracelet! it's a gift from my mom :)  u can get it HERE

I was sick anyway, but still looks good ayt XP


neff cupcake beanie confetti & plain white heels - eBay
long shirt as outerwear - ITC Mangga Dua
short pant & polka dot socks - forever 21, Grand Indonesia
skull bracelet - sabs collection



Gold headband - naughty
Maxi dress - nina's collection, la code fin
Gladiator shoes - new look, pondok indah mall

Dancing on a church

Long sleeve maxi dress - nina's collection, la codefin

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trip to alun-alun Indonesia

Today me n mom went to my favorite dept. store at Grand Indonesia, Alun- alun Indonesia.
For you all who go to Grand Indonesia n love Indonesia, or local product, it must to visit this store!

this  JC shoes from my twinny Gaby ♥ 

It's my mom's favorite menu. It called, Colenak.
It's a fried sweet tape. I love it also :P

And here's my order, hote chocolate!

This store above sell a lot of old indonesian music!

 Alun-alun Indonesia sell a lot of things to prove that u love local product!

This store sell a lot of souvenir u can  buy to your fellas ~

that's all from me as ur tourguide!
cool place right ;D
go there n you wouldn't be dissapoint at all! HAHAHA

beanie - eBay
triangle sleeveless top - topshop, gandaria city
colorful jacket - proshop, Bandung factory outlet
braided neckale - alun-alun Indonesia, grand indonesia
kipling backpack - old collection
legwear - Singapore
Coltrone Fuschia - Jeffrey Campbell