Thursday, November 8, 2012


This morning I have an androginy concept photosession for Enjie's task. She's one of photography student at LaSalle College. N then my make-up is done by Sandra (make up student from LaSalle also).
Actually I think it will be really androginy, it's like im not wear any makeup for my eyes, n wear man's stuffs. So I come with  my real man style. But then Enjie show me the example n I was like :O "ok I was shock. Then Im weariny an fake eyelashes, n still pretty. So I call this, "Half Androginy". hahhaa!

detail :
tartan long sleeve shirt - design by myself ;)
tie - itc mangga dua
watch - gift from my mom
long pant - cheap monday
oxford flats - bugis street, singapore


  1. LOVE this concept! and your poses are so professional! =D

  2. wow.. this is so cool.. It is you <333

  3. :) been a silent reader.... i never thought those tattoos are all real.. so, i was just wondering how many tattoos do you have? love the cross behind your neck!!