Saturday, November 24, 2012


Practice!, my daily routine as usual :D

this is me n kak Tommy, he just got married anyway :P
congratulation dude!!

After got practice, I went to trans tv studio accompany gege n friends to watch IMB.
Street pass junior is one of their candidate!
But so sorry I can't post anything about that show :(
But they are good with ballerina concept!
Ouh yay anyway u guys wanna know why I give the title "Careless" ??
I almost lost my phones again!! :O
The story was I go to the toilet n put my phones and I forgot it because someone knock the door.
I was panic n directly open the door then just go out from that toilet. I go back to the studio.
And after sat on my seat, I realized that my phones still there, I was immediately run to the toilet n when im on my way, a girl ask me about my phones, n she give it back to me :D :D
Oh thank God u bless me!!! HAAHAA Im soooo blessed :P
I went back to my seat with a big smile guys :D
So after the show ended, we all went to coffe bean that is in front of the studio.

 me, hiding on that luvly arm :P

Here I introduce my knuckle case!!
I love that knuckle iphone case, n they are available on many colors.
U can get em at eBay


basic shirt - GAUDI
neckale - alun-alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia
red ripped shorts - far east plaza, Singapore
donker blue cardigan
polkadot stocking & knuckle iphone case - eBay
england earring - central park mall
bling star ring - plaza indonesia

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