Friday, November 9, 2012


This morning I help Enjie again for her task. It's about advertisement, n she choose pocary sweat. Cheerfull, but still sweet ! So here it is! I combine that jumpsuit n boots to looks sporty, n pink in touch to keep it sweet, n also did my two pigtail hair-do, looks cheerful ayt? N I have that lollypop from Enjie also! That makes me looks like a child anyway :P hihi

sorry for this blur pic :(
I tried to fix it as good as I can but it still not good enough, but I truly love this pic so I still keep it in on this post ... -_-

i found a car on my pic, n it makes my pic not that good anymore, so I think this view above is good than I just crop it and make a random quote on my mind about what I think when I saw that pic :D

this is her task finally! looks nice yeah?? ;D

detail :
two braided headband - lil' moo, fx
nevada stripes long sleeve v-neck top - matahari dept. store, ciputra mall
panelli denim look a like sleeveless jumpsuit button - debenhams, senayan city
transparant rain boots - eBay
socks - socks gallery

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  1. Aaaa...i want your shoes! >:) haha..
    nice shots look super cute..:)