Sunday, November 18, 2012

Floridina dance competition @ Grand Indonesia

Yesterday I went to grand indonesia to accompany gege who will be the contestant for the dance battle that time. The competition divided into 3 categories. 3 on 3 bboy battle, 3 on 3 street dance battle, n solo performance. Gege join 2 categories that is solo performance, and 3 on 3 street dance battle with Ricky Welkis & Pian from street pass. But they named their team Jagung Titi.
Actually their team was made by an accident. So they compete without any preparation. As well as Gege for his solo competition. Hahaha. Anyway, I found the cute babies
They are the children of my friends! See this cute babies ever :D

His name is Hito. Japanese name, because his mom have a Japanese blood.

This is Boogie. He really looks like his father :D
He's 8th months n he's soooo chubby n makes wanna grab his face always!

And this is me, candid mode by Buchek!! HAHHA


jagung titi on their action! ;D

my monkey man with his style of dance! hahaa see his expression =D
looks like he really enjoyed it right?
don't you think he really act like a monkey ?? :P (just joke, hihihi)

Mario when he perform for his solo competition. With the song title "wet the bed- Chris Brown".

I think I was inspired by a vintage boy, haha so I wear that men's shirt with that belt.
N don't forget to wear a socks also :D

gold chips creeper from GRIZZLY
actually I got em when I had an occasion with lookbook jakarta for fimela
u can get em HERE

see my crazy friends! AHAHAH
floridina ninja is ready for the floridina's flashmob !! XD
they are totaly insane guys! 

hey it's kak Vini! she did the flashmob well :D looks pretty aite!

I laughed when I saw Ricky Welkis sat down among the little childs with his funny face, see ?? XD

kak Febri is in the housee yeaah krumping style!! 

It's Tephen, Krisna, n Sydney from street pass generation! :D
they named their team as Tim Pucuk

they are absolutely hyperactive, look at what they did, haha it's quite funny!

Pian with his ladystyle B) Hahaha ~
Anyway hurraay jagung titi was qualifiy to the semi final!
N the pic above is their show for the semi final battle!

yo DJ Dunno!
without this DJ, the event will not go on!

kak Jeje, Boogie, n me! kak Jeje is boogie's momma.
n im so happy to heard that Jagung Titi & Tim Pucuk were goes to final round!!

ok the battle has finished.
n let's see. the winner is ...

Jagung Titi !!! ^_^

Yeeeay congrats my boy n his team, im very happy for u guys.
And guess what?
my monkey man is the winner in the solo competition as well! Im so proud of him ;)

wanna know the winner??
So, here's the rank:
Bboy competiton:
1. East Rider Crew
Street dance battle :
1. Jagung Titi
2. Tim Pucuk
3. Side of East
Solo competition:
Gege & Mario

Congrats for all the winners!! ! ^_^

me - kak Dicky - kak Arianti

kak Arianti - Moses
me - kak Pian - kak Dicky - kak Fance

my boy! aka monkey man! :P ahaha. congrats baby!

detail :
tartan men's shirt - FO Bandung
studded belt - new look, PIM I
socks - socks gallery, plaza semanggi
backpack - central park mall
gold chips shoes - grizzly shop


  1. You look ultra cool!! I love your hair so much. So cute~! And that socks is adorable! Consider me as your new style stalker. ;) Can't wait to see your next style post!

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  2. Thank you for your comment. Now following your lovely blog as well :) Keep in touch XO

  3. is that kak ricky in blue shirt? hahaha pian dancing girl style for sure? i can't believe that sentence :p aiines! can you give your contact right now? i can't catch you on bbm, i don't know why, i change my plan to jakarta into january :D

    1. yeahh hahahaa that's ricky welkis :D Pian is good about that hahahah !
      oh iya bb aku ilang kmaren2 ini, gimme ur email kak rima hehe, i'll give you my new pin ;)