Monday, November 5, 2012

Wedding make-up session

Today Im helping my friend, Devina,  to be her model for her wedding make-up assignment.
N yeah Im very interest about this! ♥
Just wanna see myself on a wedding dress, maybe I can imagine about my future, I guess ... :p
And this is the result !! 
Actually a bit weird to see my tattoos on this wedding dress, but it's ok, I accept it for what it is, ; Im just thinkin about my future plan .... ahaha ~


  1. you look gorgeous in the wedding dress Nes! such a unique bride ;;)

    Letters To Juliet

  2. Omg baikk syangg. How are youu?? You look super gorgeous!! Tattoonya bikin ngilerrr xp

  3. Hahaa takut susah dpet kerja, my-hopefully-future profession is kind of tricky! Haha udaa ga, kamu??
    Well, kenapaaa :(! I'm sending you a virtual hug!! :)

  4. Lagi nunggu kuliahh ajaa sihh, kuliahnya taun dpan hahaa. Major apaaa? Wott! Kalo lagi perform bilangg dong!! Sapa tau bisa dateng nnontn! Hahaa