Friday, November 23, 2012

Junky Art

I wake up in a very morning n before I open the door of my accounting class, I received a msg n it sounds "Sorry, accounting class by Mr. Drajad was cancelled because he is sick"
Oh damn n then I open the door, n me n my friends was very angry about this, HAHHA
after that, me n my friends decided to go to McD Sarinah to have a breakfast there.

After that, me n my friends went to blok M n we search for a magazine for our assignment. 
And then we have a marketing class in the afternoon so we go back to LaSalle.
After the class was ended, I have an appointment with kak Jovi (the owner of POPSICLE) at plaza semanggi, n then we go together to kak Abi's house at Ciputat to help em for their short movie. And the title is : Junky Art !
We have a good time there till late nite ;)

zombie cap - ancol
vest - nina's collection, la codefin kemang
bigjill v-neck shirt studded shorts - unbranded
 colorful skull bracelet - gift from mom
nike high sneaker - size sneaker store, mangdu


  1. You look amazing honey! So cute :)

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  2. Love these shots, you look so cute! Everyone is so chic and stylish :) xx

  3. Jaketnya lucu banget ness unik ehehe :D