Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This photosession for my assignment. 
So it's inspire by Kaunakes from Mesopotamia.
The kaunakes, from Greek "thick cloak", was a woolen skirt or cloak woven in a tufted pattern suggesting overlapping petals or feathers, either by sewing tufts onto the garment or by weaving loops into the fabric. This clothing originated in Sumerian civilization around 2500 BCE, and is frequently found in Bactria excavations, such as the female statuettes, commonly known as the "Bactrian princesses". (Wikipedia)
Here I am wearing that modern kaunakes! :P

pointed flat from TLTSN :)

turban from TONIC!

 turban - tonic, la piazza
neckale, bracelet, dress - old collection
pointed flat shoes - TLTSN


  1. tugas nes tugas :p
    cantik, anyway~

  2. You look wonderful!

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  3. lovely blog.

  4. Great pics! love the turban <3