Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Today is the deadline day for my textile assignment.
Finally I finish it, even a lil bit disorderly :P
You know what? Sunglasses is my hero when Im not wearing any make-up! hahaha
And love my new shirt that I bought at alum- alun Indonesia, Indonesian food with tempe pic on the front side!

You see ? My shirt is lil bit dirty bcause of my assignment :(

stripes socks from sox galeri n shoes from grizzly, right mix isn't it?

with my classmate, Gabriella Virilga 

miss this LaSalle ramen already :"(
Those cheese ... aaaa ~

Here I am eating that super ramen! Hahaha LOL when I saw Clara starring at me like that!
She realy want it, don't u think so ??

yay! here's my "patch-up" assignment >__<
finally it's done!!!
not good but at least it's DONE!!! muahahahhahhaha!!

unbranded sunglasses
iFood t-shirt - alun- alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia
vintage denim high-waist - eBay
sling bag - belong to my sister
stripes socks - sox galeri
gold chips shoes - grizzly