Thursday, January 24, 2013

God worshipers

depression 2 side hoodie - cathay cineleisure orchard
kidnapped ally loose top - la piazza
unbranded cross neckale & skulls bag
rivets bracelet - recycled, itc mangga dua
white native bracelet - recycled, pondok indah mall
moDIfy storm easy pant
long socks
new look creeper

2013 Fashion Trend by AIINESS

Me for aneka yesss! ^_^
fashion trend according to me ~

spyderbilt transparant bag - bekasi square
t-lab aiiness cap - ex
unbranded superman crop top
new look leather vest
unbranded cartoon skirt 2 side leg wear - fx
stars & straps wedge - ModCloth

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rainy day

Today I have a rainy photoshoot, with some photographer.
Sorry if I put too much pics in this post, I just confused to pick just a few pictures from a lot of pictures that I got today.

transparant umbrella - daisoo mall artha gading
m)phosis beanie hat, plaza indonesia
simplicity tartan dress
long jacket - wholesale dress
unbranded legwear - singapore
winter boots - singapore

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last day evacuation

Last night of our evacuation moment, we went to cp for watching movie.

as u see, im clearly fatting right now :"(

after enjoy the movie, we went to alfamart to get drink, me n my siblings got some chocolate milk, same type, different brand! XD hahaha

camouflage hoodie crop top - bugis
hot pant denim - far east plaza
topshop backpack - central park mall
sleepwear - art box

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 Today I went to Bandung for shopping (again) :3
But this time, I go there with my mom, n meet my mom, dad, n sheva.
You guys know that I have 3 moms ? :p That's not a joke anyway!

Sheva said "ba ba" it means "bye bye" hahaha kinda cute ayt.

Now im waiting for my hash brown. Yea we all having lunch at the Fabrik that is right next to the widely project, it is also a comfy place for a teenager, haha.
That's true! My mom can't stop talking about the taste of food after we continue our trip.
Blah blahh blahhh she said it's only for a teenager, feel like she only ate floor or somethin haha.

As usual, my favourite hot chocolate.

Beanie hat & big rounded eyewear -, FX
Elecom headphone - iStore, grand indonesia
Unicorns long sleeve shirt - o-mighty
Unbranded overall - paris van java
Bag - eBay
Polka dot socks - sox galeri
Tartan creeper - rush, bugis