Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 Today I went to Bandung for shopping (again) :3
But this time, I go there with my mom, n meet my mom, dad, n sheva.
You guys know that I have 3 moms ? :p That's not a joke anyway!

Sheva said "ba ba" it means "bye bye" hahaha kinda cute ayt.

Now im waiting for my hash brown. Yea we all having lunch at the Fabrik that is right next to the widely project, it is also a comfy place for a teenager, haha.
That's true! My mom can't stop talking about the taste of food after we continue our trip.
Blah blahh blahhh she said it's only for a teenager, feel like she only ate floor or somethin haha.

As usual, my favourite hot chocolate.

Beanie hat & big rounded eyewear -, FX
Elecom headphone - iStore, grand indonesia
Unicorns long sleeve shirt - o-mighty
Unbranded overall - paris van java
Bag - eBay
Polka dot socks - sox galeri
Tartan creeper - rush, bugis


  1. cute glasses :D
    adek lo ampunn cute abis!!


  2. That glasses is so hugeee but cool ness :D love your overall <3 btw I have moms too :p

  3. Wow that glasses is so big, it's cute though..

    xoxo, Mich

  4. Your sister is sooo cute! Maybe you should introduce us to your whole family sometimes :D

  5. love your creeperssss Nesss!! Sheva ucul bgttt omggg >,<

    Letters To Juliet