Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Sadly, we're gonna leaving Singapore today :'(
Ya know, I was shopping a lot at Singapore without thinking about how should I spend to bring those things back to Indonesia. Then after I arrived at Changi International Airport, we checked in, then ask about baggage. You know what? The total weight of all our travel bags was 84 kg!!
And we have to pay for SGD 919!! :O
We was shocked enough that time. Hahhaaahaha.

Really unfortunately stinger spike shoes.. Ok this is quite embarrassing, when we was at escalator, me n my sister were having a deep conversation. And I was facing the back because my sister was right behind me. Without realizing that I had to step forward as we have been at the end of the escalator. And what happens is, I fell to the side!! Omg it was so embarrassing guys x_x
I just laughed out loud to cover my blushing face hahahha.

headset - iStore, grand indonesia
sunglasses - bamboo blonde, central park mall
levi's studded skull denim vest - o-mighty
bracelet - trafic room, PIM
london boy skirt - far east plaza
studded bag - bag lady, bugis street
rubi iphone case - gift from my friend
JC stinger spike shoes - actually+


  1. nyesek sih segitu buat bagasi :")
    we can be a stinger twins :3 wear it together >.<

  2. you always look great in everypost! love that printed skirt and studded vest :)

  3. Omg, I agree that it was embarrassing. Good thing you laughed at yourself, because that's one trick to cover up the embarrassment haha. Careful next time :))


  4. Belanja banyak bgt nes! Hahahaha XD anyway love this outfit so much!!! The shoes <3 xx


  5. Amazing photo and look wonderful!
    I'm your new follower ... would you like to follow each other?


    xoxo Nancy S.

  6. Oh my God !! u spent 8jt just for baggage?? How amazing it!!hahahaha