Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little boy called Ayden

Today I went out with my friend to plaza senayan for having dinner at crystal jade, as usual, I love their salt pepper squid, it's my favorite seafood for now! You guys have to try it.
Ok after having dinner, we both don't have any idea for what we have done.
So we just sit on the public seat n did a bit talking.
I dont care about what's around me, but after a half hour, I turned right my head, then I found a lil cute boy put his big smile to me, then he catch my hand n saw my nails happily.
He's soo friendly, suddenly in love with him, his name is Ayden ( I don't know how to write it correctly).

my favorite collar from indiesin!

 You know? when I saw this golden dolls, I always remember about my childhood. I often go here with my parents to see them playing their music, n I always sad that time when their go back to their boxes, n it started to close.

He was playing with my cellphone, u see ? It's a wrong way to use a phone :D
So I took it from him, and I turned around n told him how to use a phone, because he's still said "hello.. hello.." with that position.
But after I turned it around, he turned it around back to that wrong position, n do his "hello2" again. x_x

I was sooo shocked because he took of his pacifier, than he stand up n hug me, how sweet he is! Really it happened very suddenly.
Okay, back to my look:

Golden collar - indiesin, far east plaza
 v-neck long sleeve - elips
new look bag - central park mall
unbranded cross skirt - bugis
cafe moda heels


  1. anak siapa itu nes? lucu banget >_<
    btw, roknya sama wkakakakka <3

    1. Punya u item juga ? ah gak heran uda samaan sm lu gab hahahaha, anak nemu :3

  2. that little boy is so cute ^^ I love you collar necklace btw ^^

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