Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pink roses

Today, we went to bugis!! Yeah shopping time!! Always love this moment ;D

Me n my sister with our colorful floral style.
So, now we will take the bus!

Shopping is always make me happy, even tired, uh huh!

Really tired !! So I squatted while waiting for my sister who was looking for something.

Satisfied after shopping, we ate Singapore waffle ice cream, really u all have to try this one!
So so so delicious! (according to me), I love the choco chips flavour.
And then after eat some ice cream, we have our dinner at Bonchon, n then take a look for some kind of doll like this! Me n my sister bought 1 each other!

The left one called Max that is belong to my sister, my sister said "because it's from Mexico", haha.
The right one is Hipa! My simply reason from me: because I see that "hipahipa" words on it's body. ^_^

Now it's time to go home, n I was waiting for the bus!

roses headband - lucedale, autumn wipe out
unbranded circle sunglasses - la codefin, kemang
basic donkey tank - bershka, central park mall
lace net vest n short floral pant - old collection
bag - eBay
floral creeper - glintz


  1. headbangnya matching abis sama rambutnya <333
    sepatunay lucu >.<

  2. awesome hair! really adorable your shoes and devi's top!! looks like you had a really great holiday! :3

  3. Seems you had a great time on Bugis. I've been there and I also had a great time (and great shopping!)