Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pinkish hair ;D

This morning we want to go to ion, actually Devi n Gege just want to accompany me to go to the salon. So we go to the nearest MRT from our hotel, from the hotel's description, we knew that MRT is 10 mins from our hotel, but the fact is ... Ya I didn't look at the time actually but we took long enough time to get there.

Me n my sister, twin face, different style ;P hahahaa, funky versus vintage!

Patrick Owen pink rivets shorts & surfer girl bag that I bought at Bali

Popsicle neon transparant brogues, my lovely one by my fellas! hihii u can get em HERE
Ok, after we arrived at ion, we have a lunch at popeyes.
Really love their chicken flavour, but I rarely found popeyes in Indonesia :'(
After having lunch, we continue to search for neXt salon while shopping, but finally we found that salon on the 3rd floor. You know I miss my blonde hair?? But this time I want to try the pink one, yeaaay my favorite color :))
Inspired by Xia Xue (beauty blogger from Singapore), I want to try this at the same salon that she did with her hair.

Here we are at neXt when they accompany me coloring my hair.
And ta daaaahhh~ .. here I am with my pinkish hair ;D
How how ? Whatcha thinkin about my new hair? hihihi looks good on me ??

headband & tape long sleeve shirt - loony, jakarta fashion market, fx
neon pink rivets short pant - Patrick Owen
bag - surfer girl, Bali
transparant neon brogues - popsicle
unbranded sunglasses - Bali
unbranded knee socks