Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shopping at Bandung

Today, me, my sister and my friend went to Bandung, and as usual, my destination is SHOPPING :P

After arrived in Bandung, 1st place that I want to visit is Glintz, they have sale up to 50% until January, 20. Go get em ! 

2nd destination is Widely Project!

Love these cute uglydoll! But sadly I don't have any chance to buy it :'(

Love the design of the place, very neat n comfy.

At widely project, u can find many good local brands like nikicio, tosavica, motel rocks, and many more!

Alright, 3rd destination! Lou Belle
I found a lot of cute stuffs on this lil store, and u also can find a beautiful garden in the backyard.
Good place to take a picture ;D

 Many local shoe brands like mks shoes, flameon, etc.

At Lou Belle, u also can find onlyI, CYRU, calf, etc. Really in love with everything's here!
After that we went to Paris van Java, to met my mom, dad, n lil sis Sheva :3

Yeeayy so glad I can met this cute sister ever!
Then we were having dinner at Wakaka restaurant.

Recommendation! : Longan ice tea, love those pearl 

This pic above is one kind of my silly face ~

Here's the end of the day, tired enough, I have satisfied shopping today.
Someday I'll go back there, soon !!! ;P

unbranded round sunglasses
horses shirt & stripes lomg pant - forever 21, 313, Singapore
leather bag - charles & keith
pointed sport heels - key, fashion hub, mkg 3


  1. awww gawwddd your hair looks awesomeeee! ive always loved pink hair! anyway your trip to bandung looks really fun :D and the shops you went to are all super cool and unique, including their apparels! btw, love the shirt! xx

  2. miss shopaholic satu ini ga ada abisnya wkakakaka
    cute stripe pants btw! <3

    1. Hayuu mari kita pergi bersama kawan :3 HAHHAHAHAA !! Thanks, xx :*

  3. Hyyy classmate XD haha bentar lagi kan lu belajar jaittt :p aaa I want ur pants <3