Monday, January 7, 2013

The last thing we're worry about

Today, we didn't took much picture.
Maybe because we've been busy to think about tommorow.
How to bring those stuffs from here to Indonesia. hahaa ~
Okay today we went to 313, to get the gst refund, than we're having dinner, curry rice, very delicious!

This limited boy london creeper that I bought at actually+, omg luv this creeper, my favorite creeper ever! xx. You only can got that creeper at the store, because it's not available on the website, or other store!

Birds (I dont know what kind of bird they are) who ate the bread, looks so cute :3

Yay this is mee waiting for my curry rice, hungreeh hunggreeeh ~ ! :O

Me & my sissy 
Huh sadly I can't post any photo of my full body because I don't have it :(
Anyway you know today we were soo so anxious!
Because we can't any big plastic bag to bring our stuffs, n it's already 9 pm!
All stores was closed that time, n we dont know what we have to do.
Finally we have searching for a taxi, n have a plan to go to gelling, maybe there are stores open, you know Geylang right ;P
But after we were on the taxi, the driver ask us, about what we need, finally we told him everything, about that plastic bag, n then he laughed us :O
He said, "u can't find it at gelling", maybe it's better if u go to mustafa center.
Yeah finally we go there, but u know what, we're so desperately can't find a big plastic bag!!
And finally the best decision is to buy 2 travel bags .. 
So we bought it! Done, problem was clear, hahaa!! That's all for today, good night!

bamboo blonde sunglasses - central park mall
boy london t-shirt - bugis
unbranded hot pant - far east plaza
studded backpack - baglady, bugis
underground x boy london creeper - actually+
studded bracelet - recycled, itc mangga dua


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  2. Great shoes !! Love your pictures :)

  3. you're probably bored of this already but your hair looks a-m-a-z-i-n-gggg

    I love the matched Boy London t-shirt & creepers!
    also, where did you get the black studs bracelet?? :o I've been looking for the black one for a looong time but I always find only the neon ones! :(((

    1. Thanks! Im so glad y like my new hair :D Anyway I bought that bracelet at recycled, itc mangga dua.