Monday, January 7, 2013

Wrong place!

After satisfied to got my sleeping time, we all wake up to get ready to go to clarke quay, yeah enjoy Singapore night life, we are looking for underground street club, but unluckily we can't find it :'(

Love those colorful fontaine, they are so beautiful!

Okay you know what? Indeed, we can't find underground, so we came to zirka night club.
Not too loud inside, but the most people are Chinesse boys, i mean, Singaporean boys.
At first, we felt soo normal. But some boys dancing like a weirdo ..
And the sexy dancers are boys also.
After a few hours, I look back, and around us, I saw a boys kissing each other, and the other side, dance like a couple n many gay people around me of course, ok we just laugh and enjoy that time with those gays around us anyway. Not bad actually, they are kind :P

Still suck my lollipop, with a glass of coke :P
That heineken belong to Gege, not me n my sister, hahaha.

Long sleeve dress - o-mighty
Denim ripped vest - bugis street
Leather bag - jabotabek shopping
 Boots - forever 21, grand indonesia
Bracelet - traffic room, skywalk PIM


  1. Nice interesting post with amazing pictures :)


  2. wkakakka zirca. tempat nongkrong anak batam sekaleee~
    cepet pulang nesss~ wkkakak

  3. Really love your hair and denim vest <3

  4. Wooow your hair totally rocks. You have such a cool blog, I was wondering if you would like to follow each other in GFC and Bloglovin? just let me know.


  5. hahahaa... aduh seru banget deh tu kayaknya itu club..

  6. So pretty :)
    I love your hair :)