Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fashionable Hammy :3

Have you guys ever checked my instagram profile @aiiness ??
Yea last time I had a chance to post my grandpa, using my bold rounded eyewear, he want to be fashionable also ;D
And this time Im gonna show you my fashionable hammy :3 HAHAH
My mom really love her hamsters n take a good care of em.
Yesterday he came to my room & show me this cute thing, my mom tryin to dressing one of her hamster. 
I have to tell you a lil mistake that my mom have made, it's a boy !! ( Please look at the second picture, the result) P.S: Sorry boy, u have to wore a girl's stuff!
At first so hard to dressing him, but finally we got the result!

Don't u think that he looks so cute with that lil dress ?? x)
My mom's bought that dress at petshop on Gajah Mada, u can get it there!


  1. LUCU BANGEEETTT kawinin dong sm hamster gua :3 wkwkwk

  2. ya ampun lucu banget!!!!!!!!!!!! aku dulu juga punya hamster banyak >_<
    cari baju hamster di petshop sekitar sini pada jelek2 >_< yg ini lucu banget xD

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