Saturday, March 30, 2013

Im on fire!

It's been a looooooong day today.
Tommorow is my boy's birthday!
Here's the story, please let these pics explain my day ;)

Anyway, YES Im getting sooo fat, I'm 52kg right now!!!!
Please dont said that over, and over again guys :( Im truly sad about this one.
Oh someone can pls share me about most effective way to do diet??

Seriously please excuse my slack tummy :")

Have you saw it those background of my pics ? I was at the art festival JCC this afternoon with my sister n one of my blogger fellas ;)

my sister, me, and liz yea she's the one! check her blog HERE

how weird i am .. -_- 
I forbid you to talk about my stomach but seriously I can not stop complaining about it!!
terrible ohhhh noooooooooo :"O !

After we saw the exhibition, me n my sister went to FX to meet my cousin and my boy.

Let me introduce you, he's my cousin from Holland, he called Rico. And my sister, Devi. And I.

After talking for a long enough time at starbucks, my sister and I asked permission to go to the toilet.
I prepared everything at the toilet, seems like its weird, but there's no another place.

Okay, then Im ready to go! Wish me luck ;)

Ta daaa ~ Im coming with this super cheese cake on my hand, he's laughing a lot! Hahaha

The present!! Hope he like it.
I bought him a flud watch with our photos for the cover.

Here here is it nice? It was made by an oak wood, also put that birthday card inside the box, specially design by aiiness B)

We had a party tonight, what a great nite and day! Love you guys all thanks for supporting my plan it works very well!! Loveyaloveyaah ! 

fire beanie hat  | denim vest - o-mighty
fire crop tee - unif, missKL
rounded sunglasses - topshop, senayan city
studded waist bags - topshop, ion
shorts - gaudi
docmart - size sneaker store, itc mangga dua


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Friday, March 29, 2013

Making a mint

beanie hat - m)phosis, plaza indonesia
backpack - kipling
mint basic tank - bershka, central park mall
shorts - gaudi
tribal crop long sleeve shirt - forever 21, 313
high sneakers - league, pondok indah mall

Wednesday, March 27, 2013



polka dot outerwear - gaudi
basic tank - zara
shorts - ichwan thoha
denim backpack - far east plaza
socks - artbox
creeper - bugis

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


rudeboy sunglasses - le specs
denim shorts - giordano (belong to my auntie)
creeper - boy london x underground, actually+