Sunday, March 3, 2013


ok just tell y the truth that im a lil bit insane, i just feel bored than Im just thinkin to eat my cheesy wheezy on my car floor ..  

I hate my brother's flat face when I ask him to take a pic with me, so after forcing his 'stone head' n then I started to grabbed his hair, so here's the result of his silly face ;P

give ma lovely middle finger to my lovely bad brother ever! ya sometimes we have a fight, but the reason is love .. :p 

playin with these swing just increasing how much I miss my childhood :"(

artbox pandas cap
unbranded leopard big rounded eyewear
zara stripes long sleeve shirt
sleeveless shirt as an outerwear from o-mighty
forever21 backpack - 313
forever 21 boots - grand indonesia
moDIfy storm pant