Tuesday, April 30, 2013



After successful debut RAD exhibition featuring their basic collection. This May 5th RAD will feature a capsule collection consisting of 14 premium looks, in additional to the store collection. 
Four of those will feature the collaboration with LOOM -The newly born bedding designer that focuses on psychedelic pattern. This should be an exciting addition for your casual wear drawer. 

This particular showcase should be far more unique with the touch of Andhika Muksin’s illustrations that will featured in and around RAD tiny shop at Foundry no.8. Andhika is a smash-shattering, self-acclaimed visual storyteller. He contributed his work once for RIMOWA store at Fashion Carnivale.

One last thing Bits & Bops will provide food and liquids for you during the event.

THIS RAD event will be on Sunday, May 5th 2013 from 5 PM until late. 
At Foundry No.8 SCBD lot 8, 

Tickle my fancy

cap - from my boyfriend
heart v-neck t-shirt - forever 21, grand indonesia
denim pant - zara, central park mall
adidas superstar II - adidas, grand indonesia

Suffer 1st, then have fun~

This is my 3rd day.
And I just cant wait to go to the beach.
And we choosed : Karma Kandara private beach.
But before we arrived at the beach, we have to past over than 1000 stairs.
Jiayoooooou ~ ^_^

Finally, we arrived at the beach, what a beautiful place in here. 
You guys have to go here, if u dont want to past the stairs, u can pay for the lift ;)
Easy way, huh ? hihi.

Seriously, I have so much fun in here!!!!

Nail art by Nail Pia :))

Look, what I've found!
Little snail ! So cute n so small!

I made a little house with the sand, then I put it there :p
Until he/ she know the way out from there, hahahahahahhaaa, congrats little snail! ;*

Wuooowh Batamz also found something :O
He found a baby lobster!! (Hmm, is that right :/)
Yeah this is great, he's such an adventurer, hahahahaa!

Me, and him, still looking for another great things in here. 

I found the snails families!!!
But the other snails just easily fall down to the water :( Here they are the rest of them ...

I know im fatting, and it's just getting fat especially my belly :"(
Especially I got a lot of food in here ...
It's just getting hard seriously!
Please dont judge me aaaaaaaarrggh..

rudeboy sunnys - le specs, universo, plaza senayan
tribal swimwear - i.by.d.o
cap - gift from my bf
studded backpack - bugis street
hot shorts - far east plaza
studded sandals - zara, grand indonesia
alamar jacket - jvstify