Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Floral Dots

It's time to meet up with my girls today! ;D
Cause one of my friend just got back to Indonesia, n it's just for a moment then she have to get back to Malaysia. So here's the #ootd :)

Anywaaaaay, I just got this lovely foreign label gauze skirt from Rose Blanche.
I really luv the skirt's detail especially the inner layer! Can u see that ?
Thanks Rose Blanche! ^_^

Anyway if u guys interest to shopping at Rose Blanche, u can contact em here:

♥ Text : 081.901.03.6868
♥ Instagram : roseblancheshop
♥ BB pin : 2930210c
♥ Whatsapp : 083.838.04.0014 
♥ LINE/kik : vinatan

Yeeeay finally met em!! Ma gurls!! *_*
Miss you guys so much and we had a QQ Time (Quick Quality Time)
Hahahaha even just a lil bit but seriously so happy can met u guys again after this long enough time.
And tonight, they didn't put any makeup on their face, exclude me :|
So here they are with their less make-up face.
Pretty without make-up, aite ? ')

bowler hat - rock inc., mazee, fx
floral stripes dots shirts - topshop, ion
foreign label gauze skirt - rose blanche
purple responsive clogs shoes - picnic, gandaria city
elegance bag - come bag