Wednesday, June 5, 2013

K-state 00

Today, I also met my old fellas.
But this time, in a long enough time :) hoho ( so glad for that)

They are Maisie (with black top) & Katherine (with red top).
As you know, I knew Maisie since I was in JHS, and I knew Katherine since I was in primary school!!
We knew each other so well XD
We were playin basketball together, studying together, makin much problems together hahha
Yeah we like to made a problems seriously.

As we miss our childhood so we spent our time at FunWorld. Lol

k-state jersey - from my boyfriend
sleeveless varsity with fur hoodie - forever 21, 313
bag - nike
chuck taylor all star hi sneaker - converse, sports station, summarecon mall serpong


  1. you look awsumzzzzz! love the jacket on that cool jersey! <3 anyway please check out my new post thank you xx

  2. i love your sporty look! and i just realized you cut off the bangssss, looking great thoughhh! ehehe

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