Monday, July 15, 2013

Banana Attack

Sleeping beauty!! One of my favorite disney princess!!
I have that thing since I was in Primary School!
Hahhaa and it's still here with the other neckales collection!

Ma hair just looks like a fountain huh, super naughty wind x(
Anyway whatcha thinkin bout ma new banana tankiezz??
Im in love love loveeeeee, super cute.
Thanks for crayonmono
You can also have it here:

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Twitter: @crayonmono
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sunnys - nina's collection, la codefin
yellow zipper earrings - diva accessories
random pink bangle - traffic room
cat & pig rings - greedy sassy
banana tanktop - crayonmono
ombre denim vest - EMS project
yellow sneakers high all star - converse
colorful leopard backpack - jansport


  1. Very cute earings..
    Keep in touch,

  2. You're a beautiful creature in a ton of accessories, all working perfectly in this outfit. I'm especially fond of the chucks and banana tank top.