Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bird Park

Today is the last day for us on Bandung.
Okay we go to Paris Van Java. Andddd the good thing is, we visit the bird park on the top of th building. Let's meet the cutest birdiesss!! 

I feed my favourite "Kaka Tua" bird. 

It's full of darkness on the eyes ?? But I think it's cute!

Love these "Kaka Tua" bird so soo much!
Hope to see him soon, of course with another cool birds there.
Anw, sorry for the bad quality of pics.
Some pics were taken by my iPhone..

runespoor trapper hat - polardeer, loubelle
chillo shirt - jirave ducan, loubelle
shorts - far east plaza
denim vest - bugis
backpack - dave platinum, itc mangga dua
creeper - new look


  1. Beautiful pics.. Loved your makeup...
    Keep in touch,

  2. love this look and of course love your denim ka <3


  3. ke kebun binatang kece bgt nesss hahaha! love your hat and creepersss xx

    Letters To Juliet