Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sidewalk Sensation

bug chain neckale - topshop
the 6 eyes pack - unif, dollskill
denim ripped pant - gaudi
fuchsia coltrane - jeffrey campbell
long sleeve chess top - REVEURis

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


For today post, I just need to giv y all a bit msg from my baby Velvet.
She said :

"May my cute pic give y happiness, and xoxo for all dogs fellas out there, especially my kinda sister and brother Big Pug Families.
Smoooooch smoooch from lil Velvet ;*

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lil Granny

Bonus picture, yea both special for me. BF and baby Velvet sleep together. (^^)V

rounded sunnys - topshop
cross choker - L.I.N.F
leopard outer - J.Rep
cruiser tank - cotton on
leopard creeper - eBay
denim bag - eastpak USA

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Eyes to see

Today I bought velvet to the playground for a walk.
And me with my eyeball outfit, check it out!

You guys know always love adidas superstar sneakers, and for sure im in love with this hearts red sneakers from adidas superstar!! so lovely!!

See? Eyeballs everywhere!!
Sometime we have to use another "eyes" to see.
Ok, have a great time with my baby Velvet, now for the details:

eyeball baseball hat - kreepsville 666, dollskill
eyeball hairbow bobbles - kreepsville 666, dollskill
eyeball bracelet - kreepsville 666, dollskill
glitters skull tank - gift from my friend
backpack - eBay
hearts superstar sneakers - adidas
roses socks - sox galeri

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Closet Addict

Hello guys all readers.
Today I went to the mall with my other families from Holland.
A lot things happened today.
And its all really made my day!!
Wanna know my story, check this post till the end of the words B)

This is me n my sister. 

Me and my handsome uncle from Holland ;P
Totally love his white curly hair right?

And this is me and my whole families.
Do u know which one are from Holland ??

When im in quality time, my friend told me that we win the Clarks styling competition!!
Here the poster and yay as u see we won both categories for Casual and Working categories.
Im totally happy and something I need to do now, and that is :

Yuhuuuu ~ a baby pug, she's 4 months.
Now I call her Velvet. 
The reason I gave her that name because:
1. Velvet it means special, often its purple but its usually wore by a king.
2. Her fur looks like a velvet with its lustrous
Simple, huh? Yaa the thing is, SHE IS SPECIAL.
I've been dreaming so many time to have such a pretty black pug like her.
And I gotcha girl!!! Welcome to our home!!
And you know what? For now, I bought Velvet with my mom's money.
But after I got the cash, I promise mom to pay for her. I just want to buy Velvet with my own money.

P.S: If u want to see more pics of Velvet, u can see it on my instagram @aiiness
Almost every hour I posted pics of her !!
Totally in love with her!! 

braided neckale - gaudi
sneakers - adidas
stripes t-shirt - tonik
outer -