Sunday, August 18, 2013

Closet Addict

Hello guys all readers.
Today I went to the mall with my other families from Holland.
A lot things happened today.
And its all really made my day!!
Wanna know my story, check this post till the end of the words B)

This is me n my sister. 

Me and my handsome uncle from Holland ;P
Totally love his white curly hair right?

And this is me and my whole families.
Do u know which one are from Holland ??

When im in quality time, my friend told me that we win the Clarks styling competition!!
Here the poster and yay as u see we won both categories for Casual and Working categories.
Im totally happy and something I need to do now, and that is :

Yuhuuuu ~ a baby pug, she's 4 months.
Now I call her Velvet. 
The reason I gave her that name because:
1. Velvet it means special, often its purple but its usually wore by a king.
2. Her fur looks like a velvet with its lustrous
Simple, huh? Yaa the thing is, SHE IS SPECIAL.
I've been dreaming so many time to have such a pretty black pug like her.
And I gotcha girl!!! Welcome to our home!!
And you know what? For now, I bought Velvet with my mom's money.
But after I got the cash, I promise mom to pay for her. I just want to buy Velvet with my own money.

P.S: If u want to see more pics of Velvet, u can see it on my instagram @aiiness
Almost every hour I posted pics of her !!
Totally in love with her!! 

braided neckale - gaudi
sneakers - adidas
stripes t-shirt - tonik
outer -


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  2. your blog is so cool, you are amazing
    thanks for visit on my blog and proposition to following - with pleasure (fallowing):) kisses

  3. velvet imuttt sekaliiii!!
    congrast yaaa forr the styling competition..
    you always look amazing! really love your styleeee :D

  4. Love your pose, you're so cute and i l9ve your glasses !!