Sunday, August 25, 2013

Eyes to see

Today I bought velvet to the playground for a walk.
And me with my eyeball outfit, check it out!

You guys know always love adidas superstar sneakers, and for sure im in love with this hearts red sneakers from adidas superstar!! so lovely!!

See? Eyeballs everywhere!!
Sometime we have to use another "eyes" to see.
Ok, have a great time with my baby Velvet, now for the details:

eyeball baseball hat - kreepsville 666, dollskill
eyeball hairbow bobbles - kreepsville 666, dollskill
eyeball bracelet - kreepsville 666, dollskill
glitters skull tank - gift from my friend
backpack - eBay
hearts superstar sneakers - adidas
roses socks - sox galeri


  1. cool like alwys!
    but dont know why mata-mata itu ngeri sekali aku liatnyaa
    pernah liat bag itu di olshop.. pengen beli tapi out of stock.. cantikkk yaa

  2. aaa the eyeballs are too cool and cute !! and velveet lucuu bangettt beyoond cuteness <3

  3. lol:D your dog so cute and your look is amazingg!!!!
    lovee you so so much dear ♥♥

    new post on my fashion blog!

  4. Omg ! Velvet is sooooooo cute !

  5. Aawww what a cuteee dog <333 Love your adidas superstar and all those eyeball! Rad! <33

  6. You are very beautiful in this outfit and those kickin' Adidas!