Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gold in the darkness

You know how much I love Rih, right??
Actually I need, and want, EVERY collection that she made, but always late to bought em :((
Truly sad, but this time I won't late for this super rad snapback!!
So RIH!!!!
And when I got the package from river island, when I open the package, my mom arrived at home and gimme Rihanna's newest album.
What a very great moment she gave me., ok the point is, I'm so happy about my new snapback, not too late for this, thanks God!!!

Another accident, but this time is the bad one.
Don't u see on the pic above, the right one is smaller than the left one ??
YES it is right cause I just bought those fuckin different size shoes!!
It should be 38 but the truth is the right one is 37!!
Seriously it hurts my feet soooo well! Unfortunately, and this is totally stupid, I just realised it when I wore it today, and feel the shit... :|
And it's more than a week after I bought this pair of shoes, so sad, huh ....
What should I do now ? Any idea ??

leather trucker hat - rihanna for river island
leather sleeve t-shirt - platform
high waist shorts - new look
studded waistbag - topshop
earring - diva acc.
boots - topshop


  1. Amazing look! I like the love between black and gold!


  2. looking so cool as always!
    love your top so muccch :)


  3. Hi Ines,

    Thanks for the comment, love your blog, such fun photos and great looks! Are you on facebook/twitter etc?
    Am on Facebook as Wish i wore and twitter @wishiwore and also on Lookbook too!

    Laura :)

  4. wowww you are amazing!!!
    love you♥♥♥

    new post+first video on my fashion blog!!!
    my blog celebrates one year♥♥