Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Creature of comfort!

Hey guys!
Today im starting my holiday trip to Thailand with my sister.
Just, gonna miss my lil Velvet and mommy :"(

I decided to bring this cutie iphone case, you can see that all cutie foods, snacks, milk, everything just looks so lovely, and it's colourful!! Thats the point why I choose this one.
Cause its match with all my outfits !!

Then we arrived at 8-9 pm at Thailand.
So we should end the day after we arrived in our hotel.
So goodnight and save power to go shopping tomorrow.

genius beanie hat - topshop
black chain neckale - diva acc
backpack - dave platinum
fuschia coltrane - jeffrey campbell


  1. Wow! You have an awesome style! You wear a lot of colours, but all of them fits together perfectly. Good job!