Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Evil

So this year, I spent my halloween moment by having a dinner on Bistronomy with my friends.
They have a free flow cocktail for those who wearing a costumes, also they have a photo competition!
We have so much fun, and also a delicious and decorative foods in here.
Actually this is my first time for being here.
And yes as what people said, im in love with their interior.
They designed every each part of the place, becoming like a real haunted house.
And the sound, is like a backsound on the horror movie.
You guys should go in visit them!
Here I can show you some details:

Bunga Deviani | me | Dalphine

Me and kak Ario Achda 

I hope you guys enjoying ur halloween time, ok I think this is the end of my halloween post.
See you next year, witches! ;**

evil hat - k-pop connection
pentagram harness - chromat
pant - oline workrobe
asterix boots - topshop
studded bangle - recycled

Pink Heartbeat


Me and Gabriella Olivia for Halloween, lets celebrate ~
I also bring my baby Velvet.
Grave yard would be the best place to celebrate Halloween!

Make up by me and Gabriella Olivia.
Photographer : my daddy.

hat - J. rep
lolita choker - L.I.N.F
jumper - yellow line
skull legwear - eBay
qozmo shoes - Y.R.U
lung mesh dress - ugly

Monday, October 28, 2013

Creamy Bunny

As my promise, today I'll write a review about Juizy Woozy.
I choose this product because I definetely in love with the sleeve detail, its so puffy and make it looks so cute. The pastel colour on it, match with the model and yea its a cute bunny on it.
And they call it creamy bunny.
And for all their t-shirt collection, they are all 100% cotton.

This unicorn sneakers is a handmade shoes which is painted one by one.
And actually all of Juizy Woozy products are limited edition.
Because, when they out of stock, Juizy Woozy will not restock them or make a repeat order.

instagram: @juizywoozy
twitter: @juizywoozy
fanpage: Juizy Woozy
bb pin: 73CADD35
line: juizywoozy
phone: +6281310135454
website: (ship worldwide)

- eX Plaza Indonesia: Entertainment X'nter Level 2 #17, 18F. Jakarta Pusat, Ph (021) 3157845
- Mall Kelapa Gading 3: Fashion Hub Lt. 2 #2A-02. Jakarta 14240, Ph. (021) 45853793
- Lippo Mall Karawaci: LG #41A Ph. (021) 54211528
- Pondok Indah Mall 2: Melrose & 3rd street, South Sky Walk Lt. 1 No. S130
Summarecon Mall Bekasi: 2F-138. Bekasi, Ph. (021) 29572354

beanie hat -
choker - gift from friend
rings - greedy sassy
creamy bunny top | unicorn sneakers - juizy woozy