Thursday, October 24, 2013

Elmo Behaviour

I just came back from taking Velvet to her grooming time with bf n sister.
So we took a pics n take a walk nearest to the petshop.
Lets take a look!

Thanks again for sent me this cute elmo bowler hat topitopiku
Love it too much, and I make it work with all pattern outfits.
What do you think ??

And this awsum bowtie shoes I bought it from lazy oaf.
Its lazy oaf x kickers.
U can buy it online from Indonesia.

This is what I call love. :))

Okay, thats all. So much pictures for today.
I was confused to choose which one should I post to my blog.
So I just pick what I think its good enough hihihi.

elmo bowler hat - topitopiku
t-shirt - k-pop connection
the 666 eyes pack - unif
lazy kick brogue - lazy oaf x kickers

line: topitopiku
text: +6287809111779
bb pin: 25a4c291
instagram: @topitopiku


  1. sooo cute awesome style kak ^^

  2. Amazing pics!
    cool blog!
    following you hun<3

  3. I love the mood of your looks, your nice photos and the style here ! Great shoes and bag, you are always so lovely and very cute !! ♥

  4. Really cute!

  5. wow! Beautiful pants and shoes <3 I love it;))

  6. you look so cute! love love your elmo hat :D
    drop by my blog too? ^^)


  7. Wow! You look so adorable! I love your outfit! Especially your hat and top! :)
    Following you now, hope you can follow me back too! :)

  8. First off, I LOVE your tattoo. Not sure what it says but I love the placement and font of it. Second, you are too cute for words! I love your how you pattern clash so effortlessly!

    Keep in touch!