Saturday, October 5, 2013

G4LIFE Fusion

Today, me and Gaby went to Kratingdaeng Powerdance Final Fusion for supporting my bf.
Yeah it was great there watching all of my dancer fellas joining the competition!
They all so dope!

And you know what, feelin so happy about the arrival of my new outerwear by rihanna for river island.
Startin to use the title about 'G4LIFE' caused by this shirt.

Anyway have y guys realized about my new hair colour???
Gaby made it for me.
I bought my own green manic panic.
Then we start to make it at Gaby's house till nite.
And voillaaa, here's the result of my green hair.
Maybe it can be yellow or brown, it should be green, but because we only afflict it without any bleach or colour returner, so it became like this!

Here's my bf team, East Rider Crew.

And this one, my bf in action ;P
Ok thats about today, very cool event by Kratingdaeng!
And thanks Gab for accompany me 
Congratulation Krispy Crew and Freshmotion for being the winner!

denim jumper - levi's
chuck taylor sneaker - converse
yellow rihanna mesh g4life shirt dress - rihanna for river island
sunnys - gift from mom
backpack - dave, itc mangga dua
cross choker - l.i.n.f
bracelet - trafic room


  1. You are stunning in the casual clothes and chucks!!! Dope look!

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  3. How crazy is that? Just found your blog and girl you look AMAZING! I really can't take my eyes off of ya, i loooove your look and absolutely adore your hair! ♥


  4. awesome!!!!! love your outfit...

  5. woah how cool is the event!
    you're so stunning :)