Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lady Roses

I got a bad news last Saturday.
My grandpa was dead.
I dont cry at all. I just need to realized that now he was gone, I dont have much time for him, on his last time, even if he ask for me to come n visit him once a week.
Yea I know its too late for me to said that.
The only things I need about him is he really a sweet person who love to see his child, and grandchild laugh, and success. He have a same behaviour like me which is dont like to stay at home, bit stubborn, a really hardworking person, just for us, his families.
Thats it, okay then I just can say deepest sorry, I love you, see you in another life, and I swear Im gonna give you a big tight hug my lovely grandpa ever!!!

Me and my sister.
She just cried anyway, as u see on her sad face, but she can stop it just for takin a picture.

bag - charles and keith
smart diva shoes - clarks
skirt and rose earrings - belongs to mom
shirt - bangkok
rose ring - naughty

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