Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Evil

So this year, I spent my halloween moment by having a dinner on Bistronomy with my friends.
They have a free flow cocktail for those who wearing a costumes, also they have a photo competition!
We have so much fun, and also a delicious and decorative foods in here.
Actually this is my first time for being here.
And yes as what people said, im in love with their interior.
They designed every each part of the place, becoming like a real haunted house.
And the sound, is like a backsound on the horror movie.
You guys should go in visit them!
Here I can show you some details:

Bunga Deviani | me | Dalphine

Me and kak Ario Achda 

I hope you guys enjoying ur halloween time, ok I think this is the end of my halloween post.
See you next year, witches! ;**

evil hat - k-pop connection
pentagram harness - chromat
pant - oline workrobe
asterix boots - topshop
studded bangle - recycled


  1. love that place!!

  2. Looks like so much funnn! I have been shifting over your blog pages and I really like your style

    Kudos to the decorator of Bistronomy ;))
    you just gained yourself a new follower btw

  3. thank u for ur comment on my blog -, i follow u and i hope u´ll follow me back ;)

    have a nice day! linda from

  4. Nice pictures :) I love this !!

  5. looks like you had a great time :)
    followed you back dear !
    keep in touch !