Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend Update

I got this jumpsuit from Gabrielle Clothing.
At first, I though it was a dress. I just realised that its a short pant when I wore it!
I love the backless detail on it. And also it light fabric.

For those who realized that my bag was opened, yea I didn't realized it that time :(
So I dont post my back side bcause of it.

summer hat - J.rep
choker - L.I.N.F
asterix boots - topshop 
diamonds pattern backless jumpsuit - nezgabrielleclothinggabrielle clothing
black ring - diva acc

line: nezgabriella/ gabrielleclothing
bb pin: 295a4c7c
whatsapp: +628999081066
instagram: @gabrielleclothing

1 comment:

  1. OMG you look sooooo pretty kak,,bibir merah nya itu ngga nahaaaann :D